Thursday, March 5, 2009

new poem

The Elderly

The Elderly are now
taking Cocaine Cues
from young men
with lip-piercings,


We were
originally trained find the
infamous Heartworms Of Spirit
and Body,

and there is a difference
between the use of
abstractions in poetry and

the use of poems
as psychoactives,

Uncle Lester's ass
still hurts, too taxed to buy
laxatives. I remember, your
number ended with three sixes,


were they twos? My first sentence
had something to do with the

sickly, or
splinters covering The Elderly,

still circling
outlines of
old enemies, lost
in the city, and
bored by poetry,

we, the disposessed,
deserve some hot sex,

some hard candy...?

1 comment:

Thomas Moronic said...

This is great, man. How have you been doing? Hope all is going well.