Monday, February 28, 2011

new poem

On Ariel

Katie mentioned you
after school while we were

sitting in her room,
orbed by psychoactive fumes.

She told me I would love you,
and quickly introduced you,

not before urging me to take care
of you, to never lose you. I nodded

off for a second. Katie smacked me,
told me she was fucking serious.

You reeked of cannabis. Katie said
not to move too fast, that you were

stranger than the others.
With Hurricane Ivan on the horizon,

we were stuck inside
for the weekend. You were exhausting,

a lioness
with hellish lashes.

You told me about your father,
what a monster. I stayed

with you for hours, and fell asleep
as the storm killed the neighbors.

1 comment:

bee mo said...

i want to expand this poem into a screenplay for a romantic comedy that transplants the stuck-in-the-elevator cliche onto a narrative about being caught in a hurricane. It will be very Floridian and definitely be an official selection at the sundance and cannes film festivals