Monday, July 25, 2011

revised poem

My Sister, The Woodchipper

When you were lit
We did bad shit

Before they chased us
Back to the Emporium.

The clouds convulsed
As we puked pink
Through makeshift subdivisions.

She told me to stop staring
And pass her the Hydromorphone.

Later, alone
By the lockers,
I remembered myself two years
Younger, my ear hissing

Against the gameroom entrance,
And you calling through
The scramble of

Infernal engines,
Still young, grazing your
Tongue over gacked gums

While I lay in the trunk
Waiting for you to loosen
The shoelace around my neck.


M. Marchand said...

your style seems to keep coming closer and closer to full realization. Keep it up.


morgan said...

thanks mike!