Monday, August 1, 2011

another new old poem

The Girls Of Covenant Cove

I cling to the shaved legs of my
babysitter while Jenny renders
me mental in the living room,
her thin frame balanced
between my thumbs,
kingdoms away from open fields
beyond her V-Card.

A circus of toothless bullies
left me noosed
next to a pair of giant scissors
in your Dad's shed.

Before the van sped
away, you caught a peek
of the rip in my trousers,
at the gas station,
a peg skipping across two
lakes at once- they 
are on to you.

Something pharmaceutical
fell into you

before you slithered
into a coma,
stranded with a chairman of
impotent evenings,

the ghost
in the graveyard

masturbating behind
a dumpster.

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