Sunday, February 22, 2009

an even newer poem yo!

Gary, 73

You see, harder drugs, the big guns like heroin, they teach you more about life in the long run. Sounds crazy, but believe me, addiction problems and just hard times in general have helped me become the strong and wise man I am today, and someday, you, a young person, can be strong and wise too. Just listen for once.

Have you read Crime and Punishment? Dostoevsky, he believed suffering was essential for some sort of Christian mystical experience, and he was right and you should read up on him if you haven't already, young mister,Mr. Peach Fuzz, Mr. All grown up, ah geez I love you and miss you and

my ass hurts real bad.

My advice to you, little kiddo, little devil, is to fuck up your life as much as you can while you're still young. Just don't die. See, sooner or later, if you don't die, you'll be an old man like me, and you'll

be more like me,
just like me,
fuckin' shit up real hard
in the land of the free.

My ass still hurts real bad.


Uncle Gary

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