Tuesday, February 17, 2009

new poem


Naked, between two oncoming Hondas.

My friend or fuckbuddy or whatever named
Wanda got killed that way. Naked and dusted
out of her skull.

Wanda liked to strip down so much she even
made a living at it. She stayed at my place
for a few weeks and used to smoke a ton of
crack in the bathroom near the kitchen.

I told her it was cool as long as she helped
clean up around the house sometimes,
and suck my dick daily.

Okay, so one day
Wanda was gone and
so was all my money.

I got so angry
I threw my TV at the stove.

It's fucked up, but
at one point I even wished
death upon that bitch but
then like

two days ago I heard she was dead
and so I was like "Oh shit" so I started
writing this and so now i'm done

I guess? Yeah.