Thursday, February 19, 2009

new poem

Larry (and his buddy)

On mondays,
between the hours of three and five pm,

I leave my house to meet my friend named,
well, no, I'm not going to tell you his

actual name because
I could be killed

and I am afraid of death
and so are you

so stop lying to yourself right now,
you fucking liar you fucking liar.

Anyway, my nameless friend was injured badly
several years ago in a horrible accident

and he lost both of his legs
and both of his testicles,

so now he lives alone in a modest
little home and on

mondays I meet
with him, my friend, between three

and five pm because
he provides me with the

all the firearms and ammunition
I need in order to protect myself in this

increasingly dangerous world.
So my friend, the gunslinging cripple


happens to agree,
we live in a world which will eventually

implode or explode or be taken over by
homicidal alien creatures,

and, God Forbid, if such a thing happens,
at least my nameless friend

and I will be
prepared to kick ass and prove who's boss

in this vortex of

unbridled freedom

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